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Phazer Confugurator Software:

Description: This program Allows the user to configure a bar to be ordered and or set options on an existing bar which can be saved and sent to the bar using the Phazer bar Programming utility.
  1. Configure a light bar including Length, Patterns, Enable wires
  2. Select Wire configuration and wire length, add Mounting hardware
  3. Simulate how each function will look
  4. Save and create a PDF to order your bar

Phazer Programming Software:

Description: This program sends and receives data between the PC and a Phazer light bar.

Phazer Bar Programming Utility ver. 1.06 02/10/17 Phazer Bar Programming Utility ver. 1.06 02/10/17


1. Once un-compressed double click the icon on your desktop. If the below screen appears click more info then click run anyways.

Possible warning screen 1: click more info

Possible warning screen 2: Click run anyways

2. Some antivirus software will kick back warnings or even delete the program from your system. To get around this you need to add an exception to the antivirus software, you can also try turning the antivirus software off to confirm this is the cause of the issue. Then help manual for your antivirus software to make a permanent exception.