66 CRS Star Alarm® Back-Up Alarm


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  • 66 CRS Star Alarm® Back-Up Alarm

    Product Code: 66 CRS Series
    California P65 Cancer Warnging
    66 CRS Star Alarm® Back-Up Alarm
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    • CRS Technology™ incorporates a compact rear-facing speaker with heavy duty housing to provide one of the most reliable sound chambers in the industry
    • Design almost completely protects the speaker from the damage caused by high pressure spray, dirt, and fine dust!
    • Offers both superior performance and protection from damage to the speaker due to its reverse mounted speaker
    • Built for long term reliability
    • Beep rate of approximately 60 per minute
    • Convenient compact size available in a range of decibel options
    • Perfect for a wide range of vehicle applications
    • Glass reinforced nylon housing
    • Industry standard mounting
    • Decibel level: Sound pressure level should be selected based on the ambient noise of your work site and on regulations such as OSHA
    • Patent (#8,669,852)

    • Weight - 2 lbs.
    • Amp draw - 0.3 amps
    66 Series with attached wire leads:
    Model Sound Level Voltage
    66-087* 87db 10-32V DC
    66-097* 97db 10-32V DC
    66-097-12* 97 db 12V DC only
    66-102 102db 12V or 36V DC
    66-107-12* 107db 12V DC Only
    66-107-24 107db 24V - 36V DC
    66-097DT 97 db 10V-32V DC
    66-102DT 102 db 12V DC Only
    STARMATIC™ Auto-Adjust  
    66-707A 77db-97db 12V-24V DC
    66-802A 82db-102db 12V-24V DC
    66-807A 87db-107db 12V DC Only
    66-807A-24 87db-107db 24V DC
    66-802S 87 or 102db 10V-32V DC
    66-907S 97db or 107db 12V DC
    Dual Function    
    66-097DF 97db 10V-32V DC
    *Meets SAE J994 Requirements


    66 Series CRS Back-Up Alarms - Manual 66 Series CRS Back-Up Alarms - Manual

    66 Series CRS Back-Up Alarms - Product Flyer 66 Series CRS Back-Up Alarms - Product Flyer

    66 Star Spectrum™ Back-Up Alarm Model Drawing 66 Star Spectrum™ Back-Up Alarm Model Drawing

    Sample Tones:

    Standard Alarm:

    Dual Tone: