PAR 36 Lights


The Glen and STAR debut new on-track caution light system for 2019 season

20-May-2019 - WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. – Watkins Glen International announced toda...

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18-Jun-2014 - Star Headlight featured on 13Wham TV

  • PAR 36 Lights

    Product Code: PAR 36
    California P65 Cancer Warnging
    PAR 36 Lights
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    • High intensity Star Generation IV LEDs are self contained
    • Steady burn or flashing LED heads with built in flashers
    • S-Link System™ synchronizing capabilities with other Star LED units (LDHF models only)
    • 20 customer selectable flash patterns in two phases, plus steady-on (LDHF models only)
    • The high efficiency optics are available in three options: Spot, Trapezoidal, and Wide Spread
    • Quick installation in any situation
    • Patent #D696,035
    • Steady Burn Lights Only
      • LDH-36 Series - ISO 7637-2 spike protection
    • Flashing
      • LDHF - flashing

    • Voltage: permanent 10-30V DC, magnet mount 10-16V DC
    • Amp Draw: 0.55 amps
    • Approvals (Flashing): SAE J595 Class I (Red, Amber, Blue, White) California Title 13 (Red, Amber, Blue)

    See online catalog for Specifications list and Vehicle Mounting Specifications

    • LDH-361-S, LDH-363-S, LDH-364-T, LDHF364-T, LDH-361-T, LDH-363-T, LDHF362-E, LDH-362-E, LDH-363M-S, LDHF362-T, LDH-362-S, LDH-363M-T, LDHF363-E, LDH-362-T, LDH-364-E, LDHF363-T, LDH-363-E, LDH-364-S, LDHF364-E


    361 - Sealed beam
    362 - Swivel mount
    363 - Rubber tractor mount
    364 - Rubber grommet mount
    E - Wide Spread
    LDHF - Flash
    LDH - Steady burn
     M - Magnet mount
    S - Spot optics
    SE - Spot optic with extended lens
    T - Trapezoidal optics

    Replacement Parts:

    Mounting hardware.................(LDH-363)
    Tractor housing.......................P30146-16
    Swivel mounting bracket........274-LDH-362
    Rubber grommet.....................P30199-7