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  • DLQS Quick Stick Series

    Product Code: DLQS-4, DLQS-6 and DLQS-8
    DLQS Quick Stick Series
    Zoom and Alternate Views
    DLQS Quick Stick SeriesDLQS Quick Stick Series
    • Weaterproof interior or exterior mount
    • 34 customer selectable warning flash patterns plus 5 phase options
    • Twelve traffic director patterns (6 and 8 head versions only)
    • DLQS-4 comes with a 2’ three-wire cable (power, ground, pattern select)
    • DLQS-6 (8) comes with a 25’ six wire cable,
      (power, ground, program wire, left enable, right enable, warn enable, center-out = L + R)
    • Steady burn option available DLSBQS series ( 2' two-wire cable)
    • Bottom and rear T-slots allow for easy mounting via industry standard #10 carriage bolt
    • Front load assembly design allows quick and easy swap of heads
    • Built-in Traffic Director function available (six head and eight head models only)
    • Sealed DLITS or DLITE heads for maximum reliability
    • Shipped standard with L-brackets
    • Dual Warn option (8 head module only): Programmable to allow the end heads to flash a warning pattern, while the center 6 heads flash a traffic director pattern
    • Ideal for front push bumpers, rear SUV window or pickup trucks, headache rack, and running board lights
    • Color Combinations:  
    • Optional TD77-2QS control box available


    • Dimensions:
      (DLQS-4) 20 ½” L x 1 15/32” W x 1 3/16” H
      (DLQS-6) 30 39/64” L x 1 15/32” W x 1 3/16” H
      (DLQS-8) 40 39/64” L x 1 15/32” W x 1 3/16” H
    • Voltage: 10-16V DC
    • Amp draw: 2 amps average (4 head) 3 amps average (6 head) 4 amps average (8 head)
    • Approvals: SAE Class I (A,B,C,R DLITS only)

    • DLQS-4 Four LED heads
    • DLQS-6 Six LED heads, with traffic director function
    • DLQS-8 Eight LED heads, with traffic director function
    • DLSBQS-4-WW Four LED heads, steady burn, 1600 lumens
    • DLSBQS-6-WW Six LED heads, steady burn, 2400 lumens
    • DLSBQS-8-WW Eight LED heads, steady burn, 3200 lumens
    • TD77-2QS  Control unit for six and eight head sticks