Production Operator

Position Title: Production Operator

Reports To: Production Supervisor/Team Leader

Position Description: Responsible for performing productions and/or assembly operations under the directions of the production supervisor and as per established process/quality procedures and instructions.

  1. Perform production operations as per instructions by the supervisor and process sheet and by following various part and quality requirements.
  2. Perform all the quality checks as required by the established control plan and/or instructions.
  3. Record production and quality results as required.
  4. Assure that Part ID is on the parts as required part of the process instructions.

Hourly Wage:

  • $12.50 (7:30 - 4:00pm)
  • $12.80 (1:00 - 11:30pm)
  • $13.10 (4:00 - 12:30am)

Please download and complete the fillable job application, once completed email it to:

Equal Opportunity Employer

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