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Phazer Tow Bars - Manual Phazer Tow Bars - Manual

Phazer Tow Bars - Product Flyer Phazer Tow Bars - Product Flyer

120-39PB Mounting Kit-Manual 120-39PB Mounting Kit-Manual

120-39SS Lightbar Mount Kit - Manual 120-39SS Lightbar Mount Kit - Manual

920-39T Direct Mount Kit for All Star Lightbars PLIT435 - Manual 920-39T Direct Mount Kit for All Star Lightbars PLIT435 - Manual

120-39GB Go Light Mounting Bracket-Manual 120-39GB Go Light Mounting Bracket-Manual

Phazer Confugurator Software:

Description: This program Allows the user to configure a bar to be ordered and or set options on an existing bar which can be saved and sent to the bar using the Phazer bar Programming utility.
  1. Configure a light bar including Length, Patterns, Enable wires
  2. Select Wire configuration and wire length, add Mounting hardware
  3. Simulate how each function will look
  4. Save and create a PDF to order your bar
  5. To find out what version you need to install 64-bit or 32-bit, On a windows 10 based PC you will need to go to the start menu and type "system" and hit enter to open "system control panel". Under the list of specifications " system type" it will say 64 or 32 bit  
Note: The programming utility is now built into the desktop version of the configurator below
Web based Configurator: (Works on Fire fox, Chrome & Apple Safari desktop/laptop computers).

Phazer Towbar Online Configurator